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Elevation Benchmarks

11.0000001899922.1770001175111.00600017.640000MARK CUT ON TOP OF BOTTOM STONE OF GRANITE BASE AT S.E. CORNER OF NORTHERN TRUST CO. BANK BUILDING 3.22' ABOVE SIDEWALK. CAISSONS TO ROCK.THIS BENCH MADE PRIMARY BENCH FOR THE CITY OF CHICAGO. SEE ORDINANCE OF SEPT. 12, 1928, PAGE 3460 OF COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS.1928.0000000.00000041.88077079670-87.63246380610(41.88077079670°, -87.63246380610°)
29.0000001905789.9990001177362.23400012.8920004 FEET E. OF E. LINE OF MICHIGAN TO W.19 FEET S. OF THE N. LINE OF E. CHICAGO AVENUEBENCH SETTLED ABOUT 0.046 FEET BETWEEN 1920 AND 1931, ELEVATION PREVIOUS TO 1966 WAS 12.906 TOWER COURT WAS CHANGED TO N. MICHIGAN (TO THE WEST)1966.000000482.00000041.89682165290-87.62401947060(41.89682165290°, -87.62401947060°)
313.0000001879222.6000001177801.08400016.30700013 FEET E. OF THE W. LINE OF S. MICHIGAN AVENUE.21.5 FEET N. OF E. PERSHING ROAD.ELEVATION PREVIOUS TO 1966 WAS 16.4201966.00000068.00000041.82390904620-87.62321473050(41.82390904620°, -87.62321473050°)
414.0000001873844.0310001177537.62900016.22200019 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. WABASH AVENUE.6 FEET S. OF E. 47TH STREET.1969.000000314.00000041.80915576300-87.62434405390(41.80915576300°, -87.62434405390°)
516.0000001868652.7460001182490.60400013.90200076.5 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF COTTAGE GROVE AVENUE18 FEET S. OF THE S. LINE OF E. 55TH STREET TO THE EAST1898.0000000.00000041.79479689040-87.60633871640(41.79479689040°, -87.60633871640°)
619.0000001884621.5310001172107.07500013.20300010.6 FEET E. OF THE W. LINE OF S. UNION AVE.249.7 FEET N. OF W. 31 STREETELEVATION PREVIOUS TO 1966 WAS 13.2051966.000000271.00000041.83885144310-87.64394502040(41.83885144310°, -87.64394502040°)
723.0000001868110.6380001187896.2990009.0540005 FEET E. OF STONY ISLAND AVENUE43 FEET S. OF E. 56TH STREET (6 FEET E. CURB OF STONY ISLAND AVENUE)1899.0000000.00000041.79318214980-87.58653364070(41.79318214980°, -87.58653364070°)
825.0000001860206.5390001186739.4340007.64300012.7 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF DORCHESTER AVE13.8 FEET S. OF N. LINE OF E. 68TH STREET. PRODUCED W.1899.0000000.00000041.77152015420-87.59102589200(41.77152015420°, -87.59102589200°)
928.0000001856367.9560001194705.0840007.9570009.5 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF E. 74TH ST.5.8 FEET WESTERNLY AT RIGHT ANGLES FROM SOUTHWESTERLY LINE OF EXCHANGE AVENUEMONUMENT BEDDED ON ROCK1973.000000368.00000041.76079443690-87.56195325130(41.76079443690°, -87.56195325130°)
1030.0000001853176.3970001198818.7290009.1380004 FEET W. OF BRANDON AVENUE10 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF E. 79TH STREET1925.000000369.00000041.75193437490-87.54698379840(41.75193437490°, -87.54698379840°)
1132.0000001911965.3090001170371.79100013.33400010.7 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF DAYTON STREET8.2 FEET N. OF WILLOW STREETCOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE1968.0000001489.00000041.91392278090-87.64951322150(41.91392278090°, -87.64951322150°)
1234.0000001905362.1600001164941.36900016.46400010 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF N. PAULINA STREET2.5 FEET S. OF THE S. LINE OF W. CHICAGO AVENUECOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE. ELEVATION PRIOR TO 1965 WAS 16.4781968.000000260.00000041.89592035870-87.66965121920(41.89592035870°, -87.66965121920°)
1339.0000001916167.3220001171238.75400017.96500010 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF FULLERTON PKWY3 FEET E. OF ORCHARD STREETCOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE.1968.000000299.00000041.92543429910-87.64620448760(41.92543429910°, -87.64620448760°)
1446.0000001921444.3480001170543.11800014.211000144 FEET E. OF N. HALSTED STREET9.4 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF BELMONT AVENUECOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE1968.000000303.00000041.93992996020-87.64860570860(41.93992996020°, -87.64860570860°)
1554.0000001915594.7310001144042.15900030.52000014.5 FEET N. OF FULLERTON AVENUE10.7 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF N. CICERO AVENUESEE ORDN. OF 11-12-1900 FOR ORIGINAL ELEVATION MONUMENT SETTLED 0.050 FEET BETWEEN 1917 AND 19211972.000000372.00000041.92441760170-87.74615290830(41.92441760170°, -87.74615290830°)
1673.0000001909529.2610001144519.58200030.6660009 FEET N. OF THE S. LINE OF W. LEMOYNE AVENUE36.5 FEET E. OF THE E. LINE OF N. KEATINGREPLACES OLD STANDARD NO. 731972.000000359.00000041.90776434080-87.74455164090(41.90776434080°, -87.74455164090°)
1778.0000001899795.0930001151117.71900022.07800098.3 FEET E. OF THE W. LINE OF N. HAMLIN AVENUE7 FEET N. OF W. MADISON ST (IN GARFIELD PARK)ELEVATION PRIOR TO 1965 WAS 22.1461965.000000256.00000041.88092595550-87.72056878400(41.88092595550°, -87.72056878400°)
1879.0000001894513.3090001156014.76300013.56600013.6 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF W. ROOSEVELT ROAD82.5 FEET E. OF S. ALBANY AVE (AT N.W. CORNER OF DOUGLAS PARK)COVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE ELEVATION PRIOR TO 1965 WAS 13.6761965.000000257.00000041.86633484530-87.70272958960(41.86633484530°, -87.70272958960°)
1980.0000001894501.3410001151250.28400020.62300010.4 FEET N. OF W. ROOSEVELT ROAD21 FEET E. OF W. LINE OF INDEPENDENCE BLVDCOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE THIS MONUMENT SETTLED BETWEEN 1910 AND 1921 ELEVATION FOR 1901-1910 WAS 20.769 ELEVATION PRIOR TO 1965 WAS 20.7371965.000000256.00000041.86639671170-87.72022085940(41.86639671170°, -87.72022085940°)
2082.0000001889137.1850001151091.16500014.8400006.8 FEET E. OF AVERS AVENUE10 FEET S. OF THE N. LINE OF CERMAK ROAD.ELEVATION PREVIOUS TO 1966 WAS 14.8701966.000000270.00000041.85167994720-87.72094546160(41.85167994720°, -87.72094546160°)
2188.0000001873736.3240001172111.10400012.2100009.5 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF EMERALD2.5 FEET N. OF 47TH STREET1969.0000003169.00000041.80898132530-87.64425059480(41.80898132530°, -87.64425059480°)
2290.0000001873593.1780001166153.03500014.5450009.3 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF S. MARSHFIELD AVENUE13.5 N. OF W. 47TH STREET1970.000000323.00000041.80871752900-87.66610767600(41.80871752900°, -87.66610767600°)
2391.0000001873485.6840001161117.67600011.8340009.5 FEET E. OF THE W. LINE OF S. WESTERN AVENUE28.9 FEET N. OF THE N. LINE OF W. 47TH STREETADJUSTED TO GRADE OF CURB AND WALK BY WARD 8-1919 - 2.14 FEET FROM POINT TO TOP OF COVER MONUMENT ENCASED IN MANHOLE 12-6-771967.000000283.00000041.80852834240-87.68457933840(41.80852834240°, -87.68457933840°)
2492.0000001868427.0990001171219.82000012.74800012 FEET E. OF W. LINE OF PEORIA STREET25.5 FEET N. OF N. LINE OF GARFIELD BLVD1969.000000316.00000041.79443181040-87.64767497500(41.79443181040°, -87.64767497500°)
2593.0000001868298.6210001166296.27000012.54000010 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF S. MARSHFIELD AVENUE28.8 FEET N. OF THE N. LINE OF GARFIELD BLVD1970.000000323.00000041.79418559330-87.66573314790(41.79418559330°, -87.66573314790°)
2695.0000001863297.3530001177831.38300022.10900017.5 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF WABASH AVENUE39.3 FEET N. OF N. LINE OF E. 63RD STREET1969.000000315.00000041.78020801410-87.62358600180(41.78020801410°, -87.62358600180°)
2796.0000001863013.9330001171742.30000015.84000012 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. GREEN STREET28 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF W. 63RD STREET1969.000000318.00000041.77956602250-87.64591776520(41.77956602250°, -87.64591776520°)
2897.0000001862868.6250001166424.70900017.67900014.3 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF MARSHFIELD AVENUE13.4 FEET S. OF THE S. LINE OF W. 63RD STREET1970.000000323.00000041.77928227450-87.66541684710(41.77928227450°, -87.66541684710°)
2999.0000001857842.5240001172553.49100015.80500012.3 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF EMERALD AVENUE19 FEET N. OF N. LINE OF W. 71ST STREET1969.000000317.00000041.76535723350-87.64309600850(41.76535723350°, -87.64309600850°)
30107.0000001847807.4900001198382.7020008.1640009 FEET E. OF W. LINE OF BALTIMORE AVENUE34 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF E. 87TH STREET1974.000000379.00000041.73721262700-87.54876098600(41.73721262700°, -87.54876098600°)
31113.0000001847260.5470001172531.44800017.72500010.1 FEET S. OF N. LINE OF W. 87TH STREET12.5 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. HALSTED STREET1970.000000333.00000041.73631941540-87.64348778170(41.73631941540°, -87.64348778170°)
32119.0000001843793.7800001193814.11400017.84300013.7 FEET S. OF N. LINE OF E. 93RD ST.10 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF YATES AVENUECOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO GRADE1976.000000403.00000041.72631171560-87.56562977700(41.72631171560°, -87.56562977700°)
33121.0000001839923.7450001197885.12500010.0540009.5 FEET N.OF THE N. LINE OF E. 99TH STREET11.5 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF COMMERCIAL AVENUE1977.000000410.00000041.71559140970-87.55084647700(41.71559140970°, -87.55084647700°)
34124.0000001835329.2560001201540.1280007.7560009.5 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF AVENUE M19.5 N. OF THE N. LINE OF E. 106TH STREET1977.000000412.00000041.70289182000-87.53761593190(41.70289182000°, -87.53761593190°)
35125.0000001835256.8510001205107.7100006.3080009.5 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF E. 106TH STREET9.5 FEET W. OF CENTER LINE OF AVENUE A (ILLINOIS/INDIANA STATE LINE)THIS MONUMENT IS IN A MANHOLE IN THE PAVEMENT ABOUT 9 FEET W. OF THE E. CURB LINE IN AVENUE "A"1977.000000413.00000041.70260193770-87.52455516430(41.70260193770°, -87.52455516430°)
36128.0000001844267.9570001164077.90200079.31900010.8 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF W. 91ST STREET13 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. HOYNE AVENUECOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TO PERMANENT GRADE ADJUSTED BY WARD 8-28-19191971.000000342.00000041.72828905280-87.67454267950(41.72828905280°, -87.67454267950°)
37134.0000001836320.6440001164576.89600078.85000012.7 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF W. 103RD STREET7.3 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. SEELY AVENUE TO THE SOUTH1971.000000345.00000041.70646985100-87.67293806400(41.70646985100°, -87.67293806400°)
38136.0000001830658.5580001200618.9330004.33800012.8 FEET S. OF N. LINE OF E. 113TH STREET11.8 FEET E. OF E. LINE OF GREENBAY AVENUE1978.000000429.00000041.69009830710-87.54114634340(41.69009830710°, -87.54114634340°)
39137.0000001827946.5720001199931.5700004.1530004 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF E. 117TH STREET8 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. BUFFALO AVENUE. MONUMENT IS IN A MANHOLE, 16 FEET EASTERNLY OF WATER VALVE MANHOLE AND 25 FEET SOUTHWESTERLY OF UTILITY POLE AT SOUTHEAST CORNER OF INTERSECTION1978.000000424.00000041.68267367170-87.54375373970(41.68267367170°, -87.54375373970°)
40139.0000001819322.0560001198768.4670005.43200012.8 W. OF E. LINE OF HOUSTON AVENUE14.4 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF E. 130TH STREETORDINANCE ESABLISHING ELEVATION; JULY 15, 19251978.000000423.00000041.65903624160-87.54829891320(41.65903624160°, -87.54829891320°)
41140.0000001816677.7520001200076.2210007.7740009 FEET E. OF W. LINE OF BUFFALO AVENUE5 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF E. 134TH STREETORDINANCE ESTABLISHING ELEVATION JULY 15, 19251979.000000438.00000041.65174719010-87.54360224740(41.65174719010°, -87.54360224740°)
42142.0000001831425.9770001182878.0130009.83100010.5 FEET E. OF W. LINE OF LANGLEY AVENUE17.4 FEET S. OF S. LINE OF E. 111TH STREETCOVER OF THIS MONUMENT SET TOPERMANENT GRADE ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING GRADE: JULY 15, 19251975.000000385.00000041.69263356690-87.60607181370(41.69263356690°, -87.60607181370°)
43146.0000001826105.0210001178409.56900027.01100019.3 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. STATE STREET7 FEET N. OF N. LINE OF 119TH STREET1975.000000356.00000041.67813444360-87.62259217760(41.67813444360°, -87.62259217760°)
44151.0000001816503.4350001179989.67000011.8850009.5 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF E. 134TH STREET4.4 FEET E. OF E. LINE OF INDIANA STREETMONUMENT IS IN A MANHOLE1979.000000437.00000041.65175029970-87.61710056080(41.65175029970°, -87.61710056080°)
45152.0000001878549.9510001155762.63700013.04200010.4 FEET N. OF S. LINE OF W. PERSHING ROAD87.8 FEET E. OF E. LINE OF S. KEDZIE AVENUE TO THE SOUTHTHIS MONUMENT WAS REPAIRED ON 5-12-1981 COPPER BENCH POINT WAS REFININSHED1981.000000452.00000041.82253460200-87.70408454610(41.82253460200°, -87.70408454610°)
46155.0000001862708.2290001156094.28900024.0770009 FEET S. OF N. OF W. 63RD STREET9.5 FEET W. OF W. LINE OF S. KEDZIE AVENUE1967.000000290.00000041.77905606710-87.70329383070(41.77905606710°, -87.70329383070°)
47161.0000001852368.2330001156435.56400038.2930001.5 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF S. KEDZIE4.1 FEET NORTHWESTERLY OF THE NORTHWESTERLY LINE OF COLUMBUS AVE1967.000000283.00000041.75067465500-87.70232076290(41.75067465500°, -87.70232076290°)
48169.0000001899715.1800001147079.06400025.2990003.3 FEET N. OF N. LINE OF MADISON STREET10.8 FEET W. OF THE E. LINE OF N. KOSTNER AVE.ELEVATION PRIOR TO 1965 ESD 25.3031965.000000241.00000041.88078483590-87.73540061660(41.88078483590°, -87.73540061660°)
49179.0000001915360.9890001127750.47800066.82800012.2 FEET SOUTHERLY OF NORTHERLY LINE OF GRAND AVENUE30.2 FEET DUE E. FROM E. LINE OF N. HARLEM AVENUE THIS MONUMENT IS IN A MANHOLE TOPPED WITH A "LAWN" COVER1936.000000367.00000041.92406670850-87.80602184540(41.92406670850°, -87.80602184540°)
50181.0000001925840.6450001133006.83300045.4410009 FEET W. OF E. LINE OF NARRAGANSETT AVENUE 66.4 FEET S. OF CENTER LINE OF IRVING PARK BLVD. (SEC LINE)B.M. IS 2.7 FEET E. OF E. CURB LINE AND TOP OF COVER IS ABOUT 4 INCHES BELOW WALK ON EAST SIDE OF B.M.1979.000000432.00000041.95273374270-87.78646186220(41.95273374270°, -87.78646186220°)


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The following dataset includes "Active Benchmarks," which are provided to facilitate the identification of City-managed standard benchmarks. Standard benchmarks are for public and private use in establishing a point in space. Note: The benchmarks are referenced to the Chicago City Datum = 0.00, (CCD = 579.88 feet above mean tide New York). The City of Chicago Department of Water Management’s (DWM) Topographic Benchmark is the source of the benchmark information contained in this online database. The information contained in the index card system was compiled by scanning the original cards, then transcribing some of this information to prepare a table and map. Over time, the DWM will contract services to field verify the data and update the index card system and this online database.This dataset was last updated September 2011. Coordinates are estimated. To view map, go to https://data.cityofchicago.org/Buildings/Elevation-Benchmarks-Map/kmt9-pg57 or for PDF map, go to http://cityofchicago.org/content/dam/city/depts/water/supp_info/Benchmarks/BMMap.pdf. Please read the Terms of Use: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/narr/foia/data_disclaimer.html.

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