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Traffic fatalities within the City of Chicago that are included in Vision Zero Chicago (VZC) statistics. Vision Zero is Chicago’s commitment to eliminating fatalities and serious injuries from traffic crashes. The VZC Traffic Fatality List is compiled by the City’s multi-departmental Fatal Crash Response Coordination Committee (FCRCC) that reviews fatal traffic crashes provided by Chicago Police Department’s Major Accident Investigation Unit (MAIU). The dataset is updated after the FCRCC meetings in the 4th week of the month. Thus, the fatality list for a particular month will be available in the dataset after the 4th week of the following month.
This committee uses a standardized process – sometimes differing from other sources and everyday use of the term -- to determine whether a death is a “traffic fatality” for VZC purposes. Therefore, the traffic fatalities included in this list may differ from the fatal crashes reported in the full Traffic Crashes dataset (
Official traffic crash data are published by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) on a yearly basis. The traffic fatality list determined on an ongoing basis through the year may differ from IDOT’s official crash data for Chicago as IDOT may define the cause and location differently from the FCRCC. Once IDOT publishes its data for a year, crashes in this dataset for that year are edited to match IDOT’s determinations, unless the FCRCC disagrees with the IDOT determination – which happens only rarely and usually due to an interpretation of one of the criteria below.
VZC Traffic Fatalities can be linked with other traffic crash datasets using the “RD_NO” or “Person_ID” fields.
The FCRCC defines a “traffic fatality” for the purpose of VZC statistics as "any death caused by a traffic crash, within 30 days of the crash” and “involves a motor vehicle.” Fatalities that meet the VZC definition of a traffic fatality are included in this dataset unless excluded by the criteria below. There may be records in this dataset that do not appear as fatalities in the other datasets.
The following criteria exclude a death from being considered a "traffic fatality" for VZC purposes:
1. The Medical Examiner determined that the primary cause of the fatality was not the traffic crash, including:
a. The fatality was reported as a suicide based on a police investigation.
b. The fatality was reported as a homicide in which the "party at fault" intentionally inflicted serious bodily harm that caused the victim's death.
c. The fatality was caused directly and exclusively by a medical condition or where the fatality was not attributable to road user movement on a public roadway. (Note: If a person driving suffers a medical emergency and consequently hit and kills another road user, the other road user is included although the driver suffering a medical emergency is excluded.)
2. The crash did not occur within the public right-of-way.
3. The crash involved a train or such mode of transport within their dedicated right-of-way.
4. The fatality was on a roadway not under Chicago Police Department jurisdiction, including:
a. The fatality was occurred on an expressway. The City of Chicago does not have oversight on the expressway system. However, a fatality on expressway ramps occurring within the City jurisdiction will be counted in Vision Zero Chicago Traffic Fatalities.
b. The fatality occurred outside City limits. Crashes on streets along the City boundary may be assigned to another jurisdiction after the investigation if it is determined that the crash started or substantially occurred on the side of the street that is outside the City limits. Jurisdiction of streets along the City boundary are split between City and neighboring jurisdictions along the street center line.
5. The fatality is not for a person (e.g., an animal).

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